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Intergrupo is a strategic consulting company specializing in online.
SURA is the brand that supports operations in pensions, insurance and investments in 8 Latin American countries and is recognized for its strength over more than 67 years of experience.

Remember the website address
of Carros Autossura

We were looking for a color and shape combination
to bring attention to the URL and create a tendency to
read and remember the full URL.
By changing the background we were able to bring attention to the URL at the bottom of this poster.

Determine the best ways to present the URL for customers to remember full website address.

Change in background of the Web Site's URL in order to determine the best way to bring attention to the full URL.
White background and Orange Background was used, Orange background shows a better attention and a the most important it brings attention not only to the beginning but to the end of the URL.

The poster design before using Feng-GUI

The other situation found with the exercise was the fact that bringing attention to the URL at the bottom , it takes some attention out of the element right next to it.
After some interactions we can see a tendency to pay attention to up to 3 elements distributed in the page, once we add graphical elements to a 4th element the attention starts diminishing the attention to the others.

The final poster design after performing an optimization using Feng-GUI

Attention in a Website's URL should go from left to right, having more attention at the beginning is a way to assure that the whole URL is been read.
Another element to pay attention is the fact that once the attention has been brought to the bottom then it expands to attention in other elements like the focus on the Logo at the bottom right.
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