Feng-GUI Competitive Comparison

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Feng-GUI 3M VAS EyeQuant Neurovision Attention Insights expose.io dragonflyAI
Website feng-gui.com vas.3m.com eyequant.com neuronsinc.com attentioninsight.com expoze.io dragonflyai.co
In business since 2007
first to develop such service
201820192019 2020
Based in IsraelUSAGermany
Moved to UK
Denmark Lithuania, operates in Germany Netherland UK
Development In-house software team
Releasing monthly updates
board members from Caltech
Neurons neuroscience service company
acquired the startups visualeyes.design and loceye.io
Startup, Lithuania Startup, alpha.one
Rotterdam School of Management
Startup, Black Swan
Queen Mary University of London
Customers Served > 30,000< 100< 100< 100< 100< 100 < 10
API Partners - Customers that integrate the solution into their business > 50 < 10< 10 < 10 unknown none unknown
Price per Image $0.1-$1 $0.1$10 $8 $1 $0.3 unknown
Accuracy vs. eye-tracking92% MIT not verified
not verified
not verified 90% MIT not verified not verified
Core Solutions        
Analyze Web Sites    
Analyze Indoor and Outdoor Signage    
Analyze Print and Packaging    
Analyze Video    
Upload Image   
Website Capture        
Mobile & Responsive         
Chrome Plugin          
Photoshop Plugin       
Basic visual features  
Extended visual features        
Face detection        
Skin detection        
Text detection, in any language        
Custom view type        
Custom view distance     
Auto Create AOIs           
Attention Heatmap report  
Gaze Plot report        
Focus Map report        
Areas of Interest report    
Aesthetics report        
Clarity/Complexity Score         
Focus Score         
Exciting Score           
Balanced Score              
Custom watermark    
Custom Report Template        
Raw Analysis Data        
API integration