Feng-GUI professional services

Feng-GUI professional services are custom tailored to meet your needs and served on project basis.
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Automatic Thumbnails

Automatic scale of images for Web to Mobile content adaptation.
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Dynamic Ad selection

Ad Servers, optimally choose the best ads to serve to produce maximum attention.
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Feng-GUI attention heatmap for Videos
Create attention heatmap of videos.
The video attention heatmap service is more sophisticated than the image attention heatmap. It also includes the analysis of flicker, direction and velocity of motion between frames.
If you are looking into branding effectiveness and product placement inside videos. For example, searching for the best place to put an element (an advertisement) inside a video, you can grab a frame from the video and use the Dashboard to analyze this image. It is quicker to analyze single images, than a whole video.

Coca-Cola GTA
The Matrix II trailer
Heineken commercial
Mission Impossible trailer