Mission: Immersive simulation of the Iron Man flight experience.
"Immersion is the state of consciousness where an immersant's awareness of physical self is diminished
or lost by being surrounded in an engrossing total environment."

project code name "Flying Shark" built for KinnerNet 2010 UnConference
Project members from TOPiVision, www.efly.co.il and Feng-GUI :
Maayan Dreamer,Itzik Ronen, Nir Shantel, Rafael Mizrahi, Zvi Diner

* Small Crane.
* Hang glider harness.
* UAV wings (unmanned aerial vehicle).
* Real large propeller.
* Virtual Reality goggles.
* FPV Ground Station.
* WiiMote.
* GlovePIE.
* Google Earth Flight Simulator.
* few brave experimenters.

more images at flickr, tagged with ironmansimulator
more videos at youtube, tagged with ironmansimulator