Feng-GUI's predictive analytics reports and feedback are using eye tracking metrics and terms.
Here is a list of recommended reading for further learning about eye tracking terms and interpretation.

Learn about eye tracking terms and reports.
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Results interpretation
Learn how to interpret the reports.
How to Analyze and Interpret Heat Maps What does eye tracking data mean and how do I make sense of it all? (tobii)
What does eye tracking data tell us? (tobii)

15 Powerful Examples of Neuromarketing in Action
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Predictive Visual Analytics
Learn about Predictive Analytics and Computational Attention
"Modeling the role of salience in the allocation of overt visual attention" Vision Research, vol. 42, no. 1, pp. 107–123, 2002.
D. Parkhurst, K. Law, and E. Niebur
Presentation - Cognitive Psychology Attention

Aesthetics Practices
Learn about the impact of aesthetics on visual attention
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