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SalesBrain is the first neuromarketing agency with a scientific persuasion model that helps companies capture, convince and close more customers.

The Persuasion Code

SalesBrain increases marketing performance by targeting the decision making part of your customer’s brain with a unique, award-winning, science-based NeuroMap.

Feng-GUI predictive eye tracking is a powerful tool to understand the neurobiological basis of visual processing.

The Persuasion Code book is based on 15 years of experience applying cutting-edge research on how sales messages affect our brains, Dr. Christophe Morin and Patrick Renvoise help you discover how attention, emotion, cognition, and buying decisions work in the brain.
More importantly, you will learn how you can use a powerful persuasion model called NeuroMap to optimize the creation and delivery of sales and advertising messages based on neuroscience. NeuroMap has already been taught to over 200,000 executives worldwide.
Now, it is your turn to capture, convince, and close using neuroscience.

Figure 56: Avon spread before PET and NeuroMap

Avon is a direct selling company with nearly 6 million independent Avon Sales Representatives, selling well-recognized and loved brands, such as ANEW, Avon Color, and Skin-So-Soft in approximately 70 countries worldwide. Each month, Avon reaches millions of customers through its brochures and online stores.
We have performed many training workshops and studies for AVON worldwide, most involving the use of predictive eye tracking (PET) data to help executives become more effective at creating and deploying ads. We have taught numerous teams of product managers, designers, and marketers how to interpret PET maps using NeuroMap™.
Figure 57: Avon PET Heat Map

Obviously, performing a true eye tracking study with real subjects would yield more accurate data. However, the cost and time it takes to perform true eye tracking studies is an issue when you produce a huge volume of ads each month.
If you are on a tight deadline or budget crunch, predictive eye tracking is a powerful tool to understand the neurobiological basis of visual processing.
Since AVON has been using this approach, they have been able to achieve measurable results in a short amount of time.
For example, AVON Central Europe used predictive eye tracking and NeuroMap to assess the final spread advertising of an oil hair care product. This the first version, before we applied the teachings from the predictive eye tracking report and the recommendations generated by a NeuroMap diagnostic.

The figure 57 shows the predictive eye tracking heat map of the spread. The distribution of visual attention and other critical aspects revealed by NeuroMap on the saliency (visual sharpness) of critical message elements led to the production of a revised spread. The biggest concerns of this version were that (1) the products were not getting enough visual attention (2) the level of fragmentation around the top claims was too high. Those points were all addressed and improved in the next version.
Figure 58: Revised Spread

Figure 59: PET Heat Maps Before and After

After the revised advertisement was launched, survey conducted indicated a significant lift in brand awareness, and a large portion of that improvement was directly attributed to the redesign of the ad. Since AVON has been adding machine vision and predictive analytics into their design process, they have been able to increase Ad recall results in a short amount of time.
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