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Tim Ash, Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker & Advisor, CEO at SiteTuners

Feng-GUI rocks! It is a simple tool that will identify attention leaks on your website, and help you to focus on what is really important for your visitors. If you don't use it on key web pages, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table....
CREDO Mobile Case Study – 84% Conversion Rate Increase

Neil Patel, Top influencer on the web
Neil name Feng-GUI as one of the 3 tools for your marketing campaign

Here are three tools for you to have more of this knowledge to keep track of the results of your marketing campaign.
The Feng-GUI simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of visiting the site and creates heat maps based on algorithms, showing where the gaze paused for longer.
Using categories such as "hot" and "cool", the Feng-GUI report delivers an analysis where you can know in which areas of the page the user's attention is focused.
This allows you to optimize layout, identify weaknesses, and improve performance.
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Bryan Eisenberg, Optimization Expert, Keynote Speaker, & NY Times Best Selling Author
Bryan name Feng-GUI as one of the 3 out of 150 conversion optimization tools he wouldn't want to live without.

Ok, you know I am a tool junkie and I keep a list of over 150+ tools to improve your website and marketing efforts at http://websitetestingtools.com but you are limiting me to just 3... what torture!
Feng-GUI.com - You got to love a tool that can show your designer why they may be costing you money. read more

Dr. Christophe Morin, CEO, Chief Pain Officer SalesBrain
Avon advertisement results were way above plan

Feng-GUI predictive eye tracking is a powerful tool to understand the neurobiological basis of visual processing. AVON Central Europe used predictive eye tracking and NeuroMap to assess the final spread advertising of an oil hair care product. We have performed many training workshops and studies for AVON worldwide, most involving the use of predictive eye tracking (PET) data to help executives become more effective at creating and deploying ads. read more

Lynne Wright, Operations and Marketing Manager, AWA digital

We use Feng-GUI in both the insight generation and creative execution phases of CRO as a quick and easy way to understand how visitors view web pages; check that calls to action stand out; identify any weak spots; and test the effectiveness of new page designs before split testing. At AWA digital we also review the designs with real users, but find Feng-GUI a useful additional measurement tool to ensure that the design is visually clear and easy to use."

Chuck Bankoff, founder of Kreative Webworks digital marketing agency

I’ve been using Feng-GUI for years as part of my proposal system. I’ve found that when a client sees any information about themselves or their competitors (favorable or not), they are universally fascinated by it. It’s also a nice touch to use it during development, not only to work with my graphics team, but to demonstrate to the client what goes into a successful design. Their customer support is really good, and now that they upgraded their platform, its faster and easier to create reports in just moments. I just think it's a pretty impressive piece of technology to show my prospects.

Ben Snyder, Owner of Little Wing Marketing
incoming calls from new perspective clients increased 300%

What we've proved is that if you keep your eye on the critical path of your website and design your information so that it can be digested at a glance, it will yield valuable results. read more

Brannon M. Brooks, Manager, Search Marketing at 180fusion A Deluxe Company

180fusion is a full-service digital marketing firm based out of Los Angeles. Feng-GUI is an amazing tool and very useful to get visual representation of a site’s analytics. There is so much under the hood of this little tool. Our customers absolutely love the heatmaps."

Christopher Zook, Marketing Specialist, WebpageFX

I'm absolutely blown away by how much information I found in such a short amount of time. With just five uses, I identified a major flaw in my company's content marketing strategy that I had no idea even existed. I can't wait to fix it - and it's all because of Feng-GUI.
The best part isn't the results though - it's Feng-GUI's simplicity. There's so much contained in this one tool, and it's all intuitive for the user. I used it 25 times for different purposes, and at no time did I have to stop and figure out how I had to do something. It was already there. I can't think of any way to improve the UX.

Nicholas Ward, Director of Product Venturing Range Online Media (iProspect)

We increase our clients' conversion rates by improving the customer experience onsite. Feng-GUI allows us to analyze probable eye-paths when evaluating the performance of a page. The more we understand what a user sees and why, the better strategy we can create, and the greater the eventual revenue impact for our clients.

Liana Ling, WSI IC, President at Power Up Strategy

We love the Feng-GUI reports! I do not know where we would be without them. They constantly astound our prospects and clients. One of the most useful tools we have ever purchased.

Tiffany daSilva, Director of Digital Strategy & Aspiring Growth Hacker

Feng-GUI has been a great tool I've used to run through landing page designs right after they've been created. I see what provides the most contrast, if my CTA is highlighted and it’s just a quick check to see if there’s any problem areas. Great tool!

Wolfgang Jung, CEO at team-digital.de

With Feng-GUI we have a much more efficient design process ...
We are getting much more professional standing in this discussion process with our customers.

Interview transcript -
[Rafael] Tell me a little bit about about your business and how did you find out about Feng-GUI ?
[Wolfgang] We have a classical advertising agency so we do all the kind of jobs from building your slogan building your local creating print media such as business cards Flyers prospect but we are focused on online business so what we are doing is with build websites with the blog shops and all this kind of stuff
and also we are engaged in online marketing which means we're making SEO such a search engine optimization and all this kind of stuff for our customers.
yeah so what we are doing is we hope to make all our customers better in marketing and on the whole range from print to online

[Rafael] What problem were you trying to solve and how did you find about Feng-GUI and decided to do business with us?
[Wolfgang] The problem all the time is to discuss some special features, especially in design, with customers. so you've got designers that would like to have a logo on this page or on this place.
so often we have to discuss with them that there are several aspects we have to recognize such as the the eye of a company as well as UX user experience. Sometimes our problem is to talk to these customers and to get the design process and at the end a product maybe a website that doesn't only look nice also works good. to get this process discussed with our customers sometimes takes a lot of time, takes a lot of money and takes a lot of engagement.
That was a very long process, sometimes, and now first my first intention was both that really makes me happy to see that there might be software tool that enabled us to make some decisions before we go on and that was the first intention.
[Rafael] How is your experience with using Feng-GUI tool service? what kind of improvement do you get? maybe cost improvements or efficiency or happier customers?
[Wolfgang] The easy answer is all of this. The difficult answer is and it is not easy to say how exactly the improvement works on our ROI but there are several aspects that we use, and I think we have improved a lot of basic steps on this design process. The main ROI from my point, the main improvement is to make this whole process smarter. To make it leaner, to make it easier, to get to customer and tell them why you would like to do a website like this way and not in the other way.
Nowadays with Feng-GUI we have a much more efficient design process that's one of the main improvements for us.
another improvement is that we build our own skills, so while are we doing a lot of analyzes with Feng-GUI we learn a lot about how customers see our websites, see our products, how our customers look on special screens for instance.
We are getting much more professional standing in this discussion process with our customers. it's another point of view if you're going into a meeting and you say "from my opinion, I have to do this like this way or this way. so you're coming into this discussion process and maybe the customers say or the designer say "yeah that's your point of view. I like this, but, from my point of view, this looks like this or this way."
so what we're doing now, we come in with white labeled report from Feng-GUI putting this on the table and the effect always the same. the customers say "Oh how professional you are. you make this enormous engagement before our programming. That's great."
I think a lot of decisions come a lot easier this way on the discussion. so there are several improvements during this process it's the professional standing in the discussion. it's how the customer felt that we going on with project. that's not just our point of view it's the measured point of view and that's another quality I would like to say for the argumentation.
[Rafael] Wow, this is great. So you get a support from an unbiased source in your argument with the customer.

Morgan Brown, Full stack marketer at the GrowthHackers team.

I have used CrazyEgg before, and I use Feng-GUI.com in some of my page-level analysis. Feng-GUI is a great little tool. But since I use it sporadically, I didn’t include it in my initial stack. If I look more closely, the other tools I use are: UserTesting.com, Feng-GUI.com, CrazyEgg

Paul Boag, User Experience & Service Design Consultant. Partner at Boagworks

What I love about this service is that it provides some great visualisations that prove incredibly convincing to clients and management. Simply upload your before and after screeenshots and it will provide a great heat map showing the improvement. You should now have everything you need to go to management. You have the data demonstrating the problem and a viable solution.

Yossi Hasson, Managing Director, Synaq

We use Feng-GUI to produce visual heatmaps of where the attention is being placed on each site. It's a nifty tool to try and predict if your call to action has enough prominence on the site that you've designed. The next set of user tests proved much more effective. The navigation seemed simpler to each visitor, there were no major complaints and two of the user testers spoke very positively about the experience of the site! Which felt great to hear and see with our own eyes.

Stewart Bernard, WSI internet consultant

The Feng-GUI heat map has been an invaluable asset to me and my business as an internet consultant. My customers love the heat map and the depiction. I would love to see a more detailed explanation of what each specific depiction signifies. Otherwise it is a great and effective tool.

Karin de Boer, Interactive Art Director Eigen and Wijze, Netherlands

Eigen and Wijze Communicatie is an online branding agency in the Netherlands. Specialties are concepting, usability, conversion, development and search engine marketing. Feng-GUI is definitely a very valuable tool for our interaction designers.

Kathryn Gilson, Quirk eMarketing

Quirk is an online marketing company based in South Africa. We discovered Feng-GUI a few months ago and have started to use it for reviewing client websites. We have found that it gives a very good visual element to explaining website performance to clients.

Traian Neacsu, e-commerce SEO consultant, author, and speaker - Ecommerce Tuners

Feng-GUI is definitely one of the most valuable tools on the eye tracking market. Powerful, yet easy to use, designers and marketers will be able to impress clients and deliver astonishing results.

David Robertson, Digital Services Manager Premium IT Solutions

If you own a website then you need to worry about conversion rates. Because by increasing your conversion rates you increase your sales. And that is why we choose to use Feng-GUI for our sites and our customers. As it quickly picks areas on your site that you need to optimize.

Angela Schmeidel Randall, Founding Principal Normal Modes

Normal Modes helps businesses increase revenues and reduce costs by simplifying their interactions with customers over the internet. Simple, easy-to-follow business processes increase conversion rates, lower support costs, and enhance brand image. We use the latest techniques in user experience strategy, including eye-tracking heatmap analysis using Feng-GUI, to identify "blind spots" and bottlenecks that lead to customer confusion. Customers love these eye tracking heatmaps - they're simple and powerful, especially when paired with user experience analysis. Thanks, Feng-GUI.

David Iwanow, Global SEO Manager The Lost Agency

Feng-GUI provides a useful visual understanding of your website analytics. You know that people are selecting to click a particular link from your web analytics data but Feng-GUI can visually simulate why that might be. It can save a client thousands as it can be used to test mock up web designs before going live.

Ghalem Ouadjed, Directeur Data & Innovation 6PEO

We propose Feng-GUI to marketing and communication services, designers, graphic designers and ergonomists freelances : helping them to produce layouts which invite to buy or send a request or complete a request form, and which is engaging and lead the final targets to do a specific action or to discover some specific information, is for us the Feng-GUI's goal.

Michael Weber, Managing Director VisionConnect, Germany

VisionConnect is an innovative web agency in Hannover, Germany which is using Feng-GUI to analyse and evaluate existing websites. Also is the FENG-GUI dashboard an established tool in our screen layout process.

Lauralee Guthrie, CEO, Social Klix

Feng-GUI is a great resource to highlight areas to improve on a website. Eye tracking is a lengthy and expensive process but Feng-GUI provides an analysis that helps you quickly identify where the eye is attracted on a page. This process is important to understand when designing effective websites. At Social Klix, we use this as a part of our conversion architecture process so in the design or redesign of your website or landing page, we ensure that your customers are attracted to the most important part of your message. This means more visitors turning into customers which makes sure your website is an investment, not an expense.

Jeffrey A. Peltier, President Peltier Effects

By using Feng-GUI in conjunction with Google analytics, PeltierEffects is able to get a more complete picture on visitor behavior. This enables us to look at visitor behavior from both a design perspective and a click through perspective to decrease bounce rates while increase conversions.

Mathijs Jansen, Account Manager ABOVO Media
ABOVO Media is a multiservice media-agency, specialized in media buying, creation and executing. For the creation of our designs we use the Feng-GUI engine to make sure the right items have the focus. This way the creations will be at there best.

Sostenes Melgarejo WSI , Fronto Internet Marketing

We use Feng-GUI to show our clients how some little changes in design can make their website more easy for the visitors to take an action in. Feng-GUI seems like a valuable and modern solution to make us more professionals to help clients to have better websites that really help them to make better business.

Asma Ibrahim Mubarak, Internet Marketing Research Analyset at WSI

Feng-GUI heatmap adds a great value on my business, being an internet marketing consultant it helps me spot the points of attraction on my clients websites, which allows me to discover good spots for call of actions.

Jorge Villagomez, Digital Marketing Manager Andrea

For our company it is important not only to create attractive designs, but also designs that are highly visually and effective, where the message to pass on this is perfectly formed. As we know is important the first 5 seconds of exhibition reason why Feng-GUI is the perfect tool to support this task.

Damon Segal, Digital Marketing Specialist Emotio-Design-Group

As an internet marketing specialist Feng-GUI gives me an accurate guide as to how visitors interact with a website. This helps us design better websites that achieve greater results. It's quick and effective part of running a usability test on a site.

Desquiens David, eCommerce Manager at Igwane

As an e-business specialist, we need to analyze quickly and surely how customers interacts on our client's web sites. Feng-GUI helps use simulating human eye tracking with real quality results at nearly no costs. Fend-GUI is now a daily-tools as many others and we use it daily for our website analysis.

Xavier Paz, CEO Logo Rapid

We work in the field of graphic design, web design, ecommerce and conversion optimization, and are using Feng-GUI attention heatmap to pre-screen design proposals.

Bud Gibson, Center for Digital Engagement at Eastern Michigan University

I am using Feng-GUI as part of university course where I teach students how to improve landing page design for non-profit organizations that advertise using Google AdWords grants. I'm also using it, in combination with Google website optimizer, in my own applied research into what makes for better landing page design.

Nicholas Kormas, StewartMedia.biz

We use feng-gui to evaluate our proposed website design changes for conversion optimisation. It allows us to try lots of versions in the simulator and then decide which ones to split test live.

Paul Farnell, Litmus

Feng-GUI's attention heatmap service is going to be a fantastic addition for our customers. Many of them are very excited to see it in action, and we can't wait to roll it out. By being able to see the which aspects of their email design will draw the reader's eye, they'll be able to create more engaging newsletters for their clients.

SoftEng, Barcelona Spain

Showing to our leads in pre-sells interviews that we take into consideration advance usability concepts. When we come up with different designs options, give to our customers the Feng-GUI attention heatmaps so they can take decisions about which design they think is better or maybe, introduce some changes in order to add probably more value.

Miranda Roos, Luminus, the Netherlands

We use Feng-GUI mostly for internal aims. This way we do quick scans on designs of posters, advertisements and GUI. The value of Feng-GUI is that we can have a discussion which is based on ratio more that on emotion. We hope to get more information we need to persuade our clients.

James Fah, neuromarketing strategist Branding Toronto

Feng-GUI sets the wheel of innovation in motion by providing its revolutionary cognitive task analysis via its effective emotional-based heat map.


Dan Newburn, has worked in Hollywood and Las Vegas as a photo journalist, television talk host, PBS television news director, newspaper editor, investigative reporter, educator, and book publisher.
I have been using Feng-GUI to compose my photo-art in a manner which will capture the attention of the view. I know it works! My latest book, "Eye Stoppers: How to create pictures people will actually look at!," demonstrates just how powerful this tool can be to the photographer and photo-artist. Easy to use and very user friendly.
Good Job!

Alexey Klimov, Foto3x4
Alexey Klimov, is the author of over fifty publications on digital photography in magazines "Computerra", "Home Computer" and "Hard and Soft". Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, Ph.D at Oryol State Technical University

Feng-GUI have kindly given me possibility to analyze my Synesthesia exhibition photos. I have use Feng-GUI to automatically search for pictures who most pleased the viewers. Almost all from them have shown a similar arrangement of zones of attention (hetamap). Thus, that the photographer style can be calculated without the aid of man-critics.

Academic & Non-Profit Organizations

Tomáš Kincl, Faculty of management University of Economics, Prague

Feng-GUI was able to provide similar results as eye-tracking and thus may significantly reduce website development cost and contribute to more efficient marketing communications. The analysis confirmed that Feng-GUI can digest management relevant outcomes for marketing managers and web designers who oversee and take decisions about the international portfolio of brand websites. read more

Dr. Junia Coutinho Anacleto, University of Sao Carlos (UFSCAR), Brazil
We love the experience of using Feng-GUI. The tool is very easy to understand. The text on the website explain clearly how to interpret the image, the process is easy to run, anyone can make it, even who isn't from computer science area, and the learning curve is very sharp.

Tara L. Schnaible, Usability Analyst at The Nature Conservancy
Feng-Gui provides my organization with a critical first review of an interface. Since 2009, we've come to use Feng-Gui as a way to evaluate essential functionality in visual mockups - and I find it far more compelling (toward action) than any expert opinions. Feng-Gui is one of our "must-have" evaluation tools"