Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feng-GUI?

Feng-GUI is an online service that enables you to effectively predict human's attention and attraction. Realize what will catch the viewers eyes while looking at your webpage, advertisement, video, signage, package and any visual stimuli.

The Feng-GUI name stands for Feng Shui for Graphic User Interfaces

Features and Benefits 

Who is using Feng-GUI?

Digital marketing and marketing research agencies are using Feng-GUI as a pre-testing service to optimize performance of the visuals, by analyzing levels of attention, brand effectiveness and placement, as well as breaking down the flow of attention.

Clients and Testimonials 

What is the scientific explanation behind the results?

The Feng-GUI analysis employs dozens of algorithms from neuro-science studies of natural vision processing, computational attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans.
Feng-GUI analysis was evaluated by the MIT benchmark and confirmed to be reliable by 92% to a 5 seconds eye tracking session of 40 people.

Science and Quality 
Features and Benefits 

How do I receive my account login details?

Upon purchase, an account is created automatically and the login credentials are sent to your email

Sometimes there can be a short lag in our mail server sending out the verification email.
Other times, it may be that your email server marks it as spam, so please make sure to check the spam folder!

If you do not get the verification email in a reasonable amount of time, please contact us at

How many accounts can I create?

You can create One individual account in Feng-GUI as having multiple accounts violates Feng-GUI's Terms of Service.

Where can I see my usage?

You can find a full recap of your current usage in the Usage section of your account.
You can also download a detailed CSV file with a list of all requests made in the last year.

How long my data is retained?

Feng-GUI services has a Data Retention policy that specifies how long customer data is retained.
The period of time your uploaded files and reports are available to you in your account is '3 months' for monthly subscription and '2 years' an annual subscription.

How long my account is retained?

To maintain security, limit data retention, and protect the privacy of our users, Feng-GUI accounts are generally deleted after 2 years of inactivity.
Inactivity means the user have no active plans and hasn’t used the service.
Once the subscription is outdated, you will have to login to your account and upload or analyze an image, at least once every 2 years.
In case you have active plans, the account will not be closed because of being unused.

Can I delete my account?

This option is available for every user.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives individuals the right to ask for their data to be deleted
If you wish to delete your account, please email

Please note: destroying an account will cause the loss of all data associated with it.

Can I share my account to allow someone else accessing it?

We strongly recommend not to share your credentials with other people as this is also not permitted in Feng-GUI.
If you need to share a plan with other people please email and ask to send part of your plan to that account

Can I share my reports with someone else?

Yes. The Share dialog enables you to copy a link to the reports and share it externally with your colleagues and clients.

What is an analysis and how it is counted?

In Feng-GUI your usage is measured with analyzes, also referred to as credits.
One analysis credit is charged for each image, website and every 10 seconds of video uploaded.
For each image you upload, you can generate any amount of analysis with no additional charge.

How can I add analyzes to my account?

Purchase a monthly or an annual plan.
Analyzes can only be bought via subscriptions.
If you ran out of analyzes, you can refill them by purchasing another one-month package. unsubscribe it if required.

Do unused analyzes from a previous plan carry over?

Unfortunately, no. Your analyzes will just reset, and unused analyzes will not carry over.

What does "insufficient credit available" mean?

This means that you do not have enough available credits/analyzes in your plan to complete the task you are currently trying to run.
You'll have to either: (a) wait until your renewal period (every month or year from when you create your account or purchase a plan)
or (b) purchase the same plan to reset the billlng cycle to current date.
or (c) upgrade to a larger plan that will give you more analyzes per plan.

Can I see my usage metrics?

For a detailed report of your usage, visit the Settings > Usage section of your account.

Do you offer a trial or a free plan?

We offer a free evaluation. Sign up at and get free analyzes and a one month plan.
You should use a company email address. Gmail account, or free email type accounts will not automatically receive the evaluation coupon, and you will have to contact sales.

Do you offer a pay as you go plan?

We only offer monthly and annually plans: credits can only be bought via subscriptions.
If you need to use a paid plan for 1 month only, you can cancel the auto-renewal for it.

What are the payment options?

The payment options are:

  • Credit Card: Accepting only Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners.
  • PayPal: Accepting PayPal and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club International.
  • Wire bank transfer: please contact sales

Can I pay by credit card via PayPal without a PayPal account?

Yes. Instead of choosing to pay with your PayPal account, select Pay with Debit or Credit Card.
You'll be prompted to fill in your billing and credit card information.
Your email address is required so PayPal can send you a receipt and for us to associate the purchase with your Feng-GUI account.

Where can I find the invoice for my recent payment?

Invoices are available winthin 24 hours and will appear in the Billing section of your account.
Price, Transaction and Invoice may appear as not available (NA) for unprocessed, refunded or old purchase transactions.

How can I change the invoice details?

Once an invoice is issued, we're not able to make any changes to it. This is the case even if you've accidentally entered incorrect billing information. However, you can edit your billing information at any time, at Profile Details and the changes will be reflected on your future invoices.
After changing your billing information, download the invoice.

Can I renew my current subscription?

You can renew the subscription at anytime.
The unused analyzes left (if any) before renewing the plan will be valid until the previous subscription peroid end date.

Can I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will, of course, retain your subscription until the end of your current billing period.
When you cancel a plan with a recurring payment, the plan doesn't renew, however, the client can finish using the plan for the set period. This means that a client with a recurring monthly plan could finish the month, even if the plan was canceled two weeks into the month.

How to cancel the subscription?

How to Unsubscribe Credit Card
Login to your account and click "Settings" under "My Account"
Select "Billing & Invoices"
Click "Remove Card" button to delete the payment method and cancel the subscription.
Confirm your request to finalize the cancellation.
Canceling a subscription has no effect on your current active plan.

How to Unsubscribe via PayPal
Login to your PayPal account at
Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."
Select Preapproved Payments under "Payment settings"
Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click the Cancel Subscription button.
Confirm your request to finalize the cancellation.
Canceling a subscription has no effect on your current active plan.

Does my subscription end as soon as I cancel it?

No. You'll have access to the subscription until the end of your subscription period.

If I cancel my plan early, will I be refunded a partial amount?

No. In this case, when you cancel your plan, you will still have access to your subscription until the end of the subscription cycle.